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How to mitigate vulnerabilities in production that can't be fixed immediately, featuring WhiteHat Security

Audrey Sunu | Sep 19, 2016

In a new webcast, Shift your Application Security Program into Overdrive, Michael Goldgolf of WhiteHat Security and Arpit Joshipura of Prevoty discuss the strains of time-to-remediation on vulnerability management and how to address gaps. The novel solution might surprise you.

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Hear from the Founders: The WhiteHat Security & Prevoty Partnership [VIDEO]

Audrey Sunu | Jan 19, 2016

As you may have heard, Prevoty and WhiteHat Security have combined forces to offer up a first-in-kind application security testing and automatic runtime protection capability. Recently, we had the opportunity to ask the founders directly: why create a joint offering? How does this shape the way we secure our applications?

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Security intelligence just got Splunk’d

Julien Bellanger | Aug 10, 2015

Ever since we announced Prevoty’s application security monitoring capability, we’ve had dozens of customers ask us about integration with various SIEM’s. Our ability to provide real-time attack intelligence from inside production applications is an exciting development for application security professionals and being able to correlate that data with other security information is extremely valuable.

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Meet Your Application Security Partner

Audrey Sunu | Aug 6, 2015

One of our earliest marketing taglines used to read, "At Prevoty, we want to be your application security partner."

While we don't use that phrase anymore, we've kept that collaborative spirit alive -- in more ways than one.

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The outlook for secure software just got a whole lot brighter

Julien Bellanger | Aug 4, 2015

If you’ve been following our blog there is a good chance that you, like us, believe that application security is one of the most important, and yet still under-served, components of a successful enterprise security strategy. 

There are many important elements of a comprehensive implementation, but ultimately the goal of the various application security technologies and secure software development methodologies is the same: to end up with secure applications in production.

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