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The modern application environment is complex & unwieldy. How do Visa, Hulu, and MSU secure it?

Audrey Sunu on Sep 8, 2015

Is the security of the modern application environment finally getting more of the attention it deserves? 

2015 marks a shift in the way enterprises interpret the risks associated with their applications. Not only have we learned that the highest number of confirmed data breaches over the past decade has been attacks on web applications1, but the average enterprise's portfolio of applications is growing -- and fast. New application security methodologies also emerge, including Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). People often wonder: What is RASP? Is it equipped to handle the next generation of threats? Will it live up to its expectations? 

Independent research fellow at Aberdeen Group Derek Brink recently wrote about RASP in his new report "Flash Forward: A New Approach for Enterprise Application Security." Using this research, Derek is hosting a panel discussion with security executives from diverse verticals about their application security strategies and thoughts on RASP. 

Join us on Thursday, September 10th to watch the discussion when it airs!  


farealraieFares Alraie
Senior Director of Product Security & Assurance


chrishymesChris Hymes
Director, Head of Information Security


robmccurdyRob McCurdy
Chief Information Security Officer

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1Verizon 2015 DBIR, Aberdeen Group, June 2015

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Audrey Sunu

Topics: Application Security, RASP, Industry commentary

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