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The Focus Has Shifted: Application Security is in the Limelight

Arpit Joshipura on May 24, 2016

I am pleased to report that after a period of calm, the media is now buzzing with great stories on application security. These stories give great insights, statistics and actionable guidance for CISO and Security executives.

Applications have taken on an important business role, acting as the heart of companies and generating millions of dollars in revenue. But, until recently application security was not a focus. But now, we are excited to see an influx in media coverage around this extremely important topic. Here are a few of our favorites:

Shedding light on the most popular form of security breaches - SQLi - WIRED demonstrates the critical need to address application solutions. SQLi’s are widely used to exploit data from companies and have been used in major attacks such as the 2007 7-Eleven hack. The fact is that such breaches can be easily remediated with a runtime security application solution. According to a Survey from Ponemon, SQLi was the #1 attack vector with over 54% of the attacks falling in this category.

TechBeacon showcased more than 30 relevant application security stats in a recent article. Although there is heightened awareness of the need to address security vulnerabilities early in production lifecycles, organizations continue to focus on shorter software release cycles over secure development.

SC Magazine
This article expresses the urgency for developer awareness in regard to application security. Web application attacks are on the rise but developers struggle to implement application security due to a lack of funding and a lack of knowledge about available tools.

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Arpit Joshipura

Arpit brings over 25 years of industry experience in enterprise IT and the security ecosystem to Prevoty. His past roles include VP of Product Management, Strategy & Marketing at Dell, through the Force10 acquisition where he was CMO. He has been instrumental in moving closed and proprietary IT and infrastructure to an open, secure and software-defined world. He has served in executive leadership positions in startups and enterprises in throughout the Silicon Valley.

Topics: Application Security, DevOps, Vulnerability remediation, DevSecOps, SQLi, SQL Injections

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