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Prevoty Runtime Security Continues to Gain Momentum with Product Expansion and Industry Recognition

Arpit Joshipura on Apr 22, 2016

We are thrilled with the momentum Prevoty continues to see this year in the category of runtime application security. To start, we now offer new Web Services capabilities, which allows our customers to integrate attack protection technology into more applications easily and quickly. Additionally, we are continuing to gain industry recognition as a result of two new awards.

First, let’s take a look at our newest product expansion.

Our runtime application security product adds LANGSEC-based Web Services capabilities

Throughout the last few years, web services have become a much larger piece of the application ecosystem pie, and in many cases, web services have replaced traditional thick client web applications. This change has left applications more vulnerable due to a rift in responsibility for security between those managing the front versus back end.

Rather than the basic forms of traditional web applications, these applications often communicate with structured data in XML or JSON. Our new Web Service support adds additional processing to automatically detect and understand the type of data being sent to the application. We are applying the same award winning LANGSEC-based approach, without damaging the structure of the data that the application expects to receive. As a result, we are able to continue integrating with a greater number of applications without the need for code changes by engineers while also protecting applications from attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS).

We know that security is a never-ending issue, so our goal as a company is to continue to innovate new ways for companies to protect their data in the security space. Most recently, our innovation has been rewarded by two new distinctions.

Industry Recognition Continues


This month, we had the honor of being named as “One of the Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies” by CIO Review. Read the interview with our CEO and Co-founder, Julien Bellanger here on page 42.

We were also named one of 20 Coolest Web and Application Security Vendors in the inaugural CRN Security 100 list, which was announced in March.CRN stated the following about this category:

“There's been a lot of talk in the security industry about the death of the perimeter, as protection technologies on the edge of the network have proven to be insufficient to fully stopping today's threats. With that, more and more companies have started to move protection and detection capabilities closer to where the data and traffic sits by embracing Web and application security technologies. Both legacy and emerging vendors have jumped to help customers and partners tackle this trend, offering Web and application security solutions that leverage the cloud, analytics and machine learning to improve a company's security posture.”

We were thrilled to be amongst some top companies in the industry. Stay tuned for more developments on Prevoty's award-winning technology

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Arpit Joshipura

Arpit brings over 25 years of industry experience in enterprise IT and the security ecosystem to Prevoty. His past roles include VP of Product Management, Strategy & Marketing at Dell, through the Force10 acquisition where he was CMO. He has been instrumental in moving closed and proprietary IT and infrastructure to an open, secure and software-defined world. He has served in executive leadership positions in startups and enterprises in throughout the Silicon Valley.

Topics: Company News, Prevoty Technology, Language Security, LANGSEC, Web Services

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