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Finally, Agile and Security play nice: Protecting Oscar Healthcare’s radical approach

Audrey Sunu on Jul 27, 2015


Oscar Healthcare emerged as the first new privately owned insurance company in New York in 15 years, taking the health insurance world by storm and setting the industry bar high for superior technology and dead-simple usability. Oscar needed application security that could keep up with rapid software iterations and changing regulatory policies. 

This case study explains why a radically different healthcare company chose to partner with Prevoty to automatically secure its applications at runtime.

Oscar describes itself as “a new kind of health insurance company that is using technology to make insurance simple, intuitive, and human.” In keeping with this ethos, Oscar uses simply designed, forward-thinking applications to drive user satisfaction, building its technology and infrastructure from the ground up. 

In order to raise the bar for innovative insurance, Oscar must first secure users' electronic health records (EHRs) and identities against theft, fraud, and application layer breaches. In this case study, we explore Oscar's strategy for:

  • finding security that helps them maintain engineering agility as the company scales 
  • the pros and cons of open source security software
  • eliminating burdensome false positives from application scanners and firewalls
  • managing and remediating vulnerabilities 

Ultimately, Oscar teamed up with Prevoty to reinforce its applications with a new runtime self-protection capability that automatically prevents threats with far less maintenance. 

“Everything is humming along as it was before, and that is a beautiful demonstration of Prevoty. If security is done well, you don’t even see it. Now there is an additional layer of protection for all our of members and there was zero impact on our users or systems. It’s something we really admire about the product.”

- Mackenzie Kosut, Head of Technical Operations, Oscar Healthcare


To read the rest, check out the full use case (PDF).

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Audrey Sunu

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