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Julien Bellanger

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10 Fearless Predictions for Information Security in 2015

Julien Bellanger | Dec 9, 2014


It’s that time of year when we get to read everyone's 2015 forecasts. Here at Prevoty HQ, we decided to join the party, pull out our crystal ball and gaze into the future. Here are our top ten predictions for what will happen in the information security space next year:

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Topics: Application Security

Does true application security even exist today?

Julien Bellanger | Nov 3, 2014

We all rely on applications to run our day-to-day lives and businesses. Web or mobile, internal or external, cloud-based or local -- apps and their related databases now form the backbone of our economy. They enable communication, scheduling, data flows, trading, marketing, payment, shopping, entertainment, news, and more. Online experiences have replaced many physical experiences. It's no wonder that "applications and data, not the infrastructure, are the main focus of modern cyberattacks." [1]

Given that billions of dollars are spent every year on information security, the industry obviously makes sufficient investments in securing their applications, right? Not so fast. Let's explore the landscape as we've seen it to date:

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The Application Security Testing market is going gangbusters. What's next?

Julien Bellanger | Aug 27, 2014

The latest research from MarketsandMarkets, the source for the  world’s second most highly published premium market research reports, doled out some good news for the application security industry. According to its recent report, the overall security testing market is expected to grow from $2.47 billion in 2014 to $4.96 billion by 2019, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.9% from 2014 to 2019. [1]

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RASP: The next layer of information security

Julien Bellanger | Aug 19, 2014

We all know that enterprise security is a cat and mouse game.  Any company that claims it can guarantee 100% security from hackers is selling snake oil. So the best practice is to raise the bar to make it really, really hard for hackers so that they move on and try to break in somewhere else.  The industry now accepts that a layered approach is the best way to raise the bar, and of course that has translated into significant investments in endpoint protection, next generation firewalls (NGFW], intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS / IPS), security information and event management systems (SIEMs), data loss prevention (DLP), identity and access management (IAM), etc., etc. 

These layers are of course necessary, but they’re not sufficient any more.

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Prevoty Comes of Age as Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

Julien Bellanger | Jun 30, 2014

We recently sponsored the 2014 Gartner Security and Risk Summit in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside Washington DC. This was a first for Prevoty, and it really felt like a la cour des grands [1] for our young company.

At the Summit, thousands of technology executives evaluate their security strategy (and shape their spending priorities). Hundreds of vendors test their value propositions and look for new product ideas based on delegate and analyst feedback. 

Like many early stage companies, we are working with some the top analysts to better understand who we are in industry terms. Many of these analysts have asked us, “Who are your direct competitors”?  I have always felt embarrassed by answering, “We have not really found any yet…but we are looking.”  

Well, now we have the answer.

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Febreze and Application Security

Julien Bellanger | Jun 23, 2014

Startups come into being in many ways, but the two most common are:

1. Creating amazing new technology and then working out how to make it fit in the market

2. Seeing a gap in the market and creating technology to fit the gap

The process of raising capital theoretically helps sort things out based on the premise that a.) you don’t get funded for having good tech that won’t sell and b.) you also don’t get funded without credible tech to support your gap theory. 

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The WAF is dead (or at least dormant)

Julien Bellanger | May 5, 2014

photo by Taylor Leopold

Over the last year, my co-founder and I have pitched hundreds of CISOs, CSOs and security specialists and CIOs on Prevoty’s new runtime approach to application security. In just about every conversation, we ended up discussing Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and arriving at some surprising conclusions.

The summary of these conversations went something like this:

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