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Brad Murdoch

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It's all in the game... are you being hacked by your competitors?

Brad Murdoch | Jun 17, 2015

Baseball fans like myself are used to hearing (and ultimately ignoring) stories about players and teams cheating. From PED’s, to stealing signs, to corked bats, to pitchers using questionable substances when rubbing up a baseball, the world of baseball is hardly squeaky clean when it comes to trying to gain competitive advantage.

But the hack of the Houston Astros by the St Louis Cardinals front office, assuming that the FBI investigation bears fruit, takes cheating to a whole new, and obviously illegal, level. 

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Chip and PIN and Application Security

Brad Murdoch | Mar 24, 2015

My Amex card recently expired and when my new one arrived, it came with a pleasant surprise: an embedded chip.  Having had to renew my credit cards multiple times thanks to loss, theft or one of my retailers (you know who you are) allowing bad guys to get hold of my details, I am very happy that card providers in the US are finally starting to adopt the Chip and PIN system.  

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AppSec Bustin’ Out in 2015

Brad Murdoch | Feb 3, 2015

Last week we were fortunate enough to be a sponsor of the AppSec California conference (@AppSecCali) in Santa Monica, literally down the road from Prevoty HQ.  First off, congrats to all the organizers and volunteers who put in a lot of work to make it a truly exceptional event. 

After speaking to many delegates and other sponsors at the conference, I came to one simple but overwhelming conclusion: enterprise application security is set to truly break out in 2015. 

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Embracing the Role of an Early Adopter

Brad Murdoch | Oct 15, 2014

Enterprises tend to have personalities that can resemble an individual’s. Think about your own experience. When did you buy your first book on Amazon? Who was your first connection on LinkedIn? How long did it take you to start using cloud services? When did you ditch your Blackberry and its keyboard for an iPhone?

Technology adoption cycles are remarkably consistent -- whether you are talking about consumer electronics, social media, eCommerce, networking equipment, or, of course, enterprise software.

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Topics: Application Security, RASP

Prevoty Breaks Out of Stealth at Ignite 2014

Brad Murdoch | Apr 8, 2014

The Prevoty team attended our first trade show since coming out of stealth last week at Ignite 2014. The Palo Alto Networks team was really great to work with and introduced a new sponsorship category called “Startup Level”:

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