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Audrey Sunu

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Top 3 biggest mistakes enterprises make in application security

Audrey Sunu | Aug 24, 2015

Prevoty CEO Julien Bellanger wrote a guest post on Help Net Security outlining the three most common mistakes that enterprises make when securing their applications. Despite increased investment in network and endpoint security, the industry still has a ways to go before we can confidently assert that organizations are doing everything they can to protect their applications -- which house the most sensitive data.

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Topics: Application Security, RASP

Prevoty Team Sets Sail

Audrey Sunu | Aug 21, 2015

The LA-based Prevoty team took a break from the usual and spent a day sailing on the gorgeous coast of Southern California. The outing was a reminder that we are very fortunate to be building technology against such a beautiful backdrop of a city.

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Topics: Company News

It's a "no-brainer" - 451 Research says Prevoty tech may one day become industry standard

Audrey Sunu | Aug 20, 2015

Independent industry analyst firm 451 Research just released a 2015 Impact Report titled "Prevoty plays principal: ensures app requests stay in class and obey the rules", in which Senior Security Analyst Adrian Sanabria provides in-depth commentary on our approach for solving notorious application security problems.

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Topics: Industry commentary

Meet Your Application Security Partner

Audrey Sunu | Aug 6, 2015

One of our earliest marketing taglines used to read, "At Prevoty, we want to be your application security partner."

While we don't use that phrase anymore, we've kept that collaborative spirit alive -- in more ways than one.

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Topics: Partnerships & Integrations

Finally, Agile and Security play nice: Protecting Oscar Healthcare’s radical approach

Audrey Sunu | Jul 27, 2015

Oscar Healthcare emerged as the first new privately owned insurance company in New York in 15 years, taking the health insurance world by storm and setting the industry bar high for superior technology and dead-simple usability. Oscar needed application security that could keep up with rapid software iterations and changing regulatory policies. 

This case study explains why a radically different healthcare company chose to partner with Prevoty to automatically secure its applications at runtime.

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Topics: Case studies

Current State: A New Podcast About the Security of Everything

Audrey Sunu | Jul 15, 2015

Chief technologist, photographer, electronic musician and now...security talk show host?

As an experienced security and engineering leader with many extracurricular talents, Prevoty co-founder and CTO Kunal Anand (@ka) is never short on fascinating anecdotes and interesting friends. Today, we're happy to show our support for Kunal's personal passion project: Current State, a new podcast on all things security, where he casually picks the brains of his most colorful contemporaries (including security experts, startup and technology leaders, industry investors, and more). 

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Topics: Application Security, Podcast

Securing the development process, one payment provider at a time

Audrey Sunu | Jun 19, 2015

Recently, we began working with a well-known global payments technology company. This has been exciting because this company truly understands why good application security practices need to be embedded in the development process. 

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Topics: Case studies

We're a Red Herring Top 100 North America Award Finalist!

Audrey Sunu | May 22, 2015

To our delight, Prevoty was shortlisted as a finalist for the Red Herring Top 100 North America. The award honors the most promising private technology "start-ups and scale ups" across the entire continent.  

Since 1995, Red Herring has been analyzing scores of up-and-coming companies, shortlisting those who are gaining meaningful traction and capturing sizeable business opportunities in the fields of security, software, hardware, big data, life sciences, cloud, and more. 

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Topics: Company News

How Time Warner Makes the Business Case for Application Security

Audrey Sunu | Apr 13, 2015

Application security is a business problem.

Nearly 70% of hacks occur at the application layer, but only 2% of IT budgets are spent on application security. This imbalance leaves a huge attack surface unaddressed. What are Fortune 500 security leaders doing to close this gap?

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Topics: Application Security, Case studies

Confessions of a Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Skeptic

Audrey Sunu | Mar 5, 2015

Skepticism is natural -- particularly towards new technology. Even more so in the over-hyped and under-delivered information security space. We welcome the scrutiny as it's one of the exciting challenges that comes with being a new solution provider. It keeps us sharp. 

That's why it was our honor to be reviewed by Robert Richardson (@cryptorobert), who hails as Editorial Director at TechTarget's Security Media Group (and previously held the same position at Black Hat). Robert sat down for a demo of our runtime application self-protection (RASP) product with Prevoty CTO Kunal Anand.



He admits to being a RASP skeptic. 

In his investigation, Robert talks straight about how we measure up to our claims and compare to what's currently on the market.

Curious how we fared? Here are some excerpts from his review:

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Topics: Application Security, RASP