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Audrey Sunu

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How to mitigate vulnerabilities in production that can't be fixed immediately, featuring WhiteHat Security

Audrey Sunu | Sep 19, 2016

In a new webcast, Shift your Application Security Program into Overdrive, Michael Goldgolf of WhiteHat Security and Arpit Joshipura of Prevoty discuss the strains of time-to-remediation on vulnerability management and how to address gaps. The novel solution might surprise you.

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What Questions Would a CISO Ask About Prevoty Runtime Security?

Audrey Sunu | Sep 12, 2016

Dr. Edward G. Amoroso, former CISO
of AT&T and now founding CEO of TAG Cyber, is dedicated to advancing the practice of information security and make best-in-class knowledge available to the community of security leaders. In this excerpt from his new three-part report, he interviews Julien Bellanger, CEO and Co-Founder of Prevoty about runtime technologies and the future of application security.

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Topics: Application Security, RASP, Industry commentary, AppSec, Runtime Application Self-Protection, Runtime Application Security, TAG Cyber

IANS Helps You Get A Grasp On RASP

Audrey Sunu | Jul 20, 2016

The most frequent question we get about RASP is whether or not it is 'enterprise-grade'. With so much noise and fanfare in the cybersecurity industry, it’s hard to distinguish true, scalable innovation from the rest. New technologies undergo some growing pains and are often met with a healthy dose of skepticism before they are adopted as the norm. 

Prominent information security advisory and consulting firm IANS Research took on the challenge of evaluating the efficacy of Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and recently released a research report called Getting A Grasp On RASP. The report, developed by IANS faculty Paul Asadoorian, provides a much-needed overview of the burgeoning space and parses the pros and cons of these new tools. 

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Topics: Application Security, RASP, Runtime Application Self-Protection, Runtime Application Security, IANS Research

Is the Gap Between IT and Security Professionals the Real Root Cause of Breaches?

Audrey Sunu | Jul 11, 2016

We recently released a report, The Real Root Cause of Breaches, which revealed that there is a damaging divide between general IT professionals and specialized security professionals when it comes to perception and implementation of application security in enterprises. Check out the infographic below: 

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Topics: Application Security, Vulnerability remediation, Information Technology, Security Research

Hear from the Founders: The WhiteHat Security & Prevoty Partnership [VIDEO]

Audrey Sunu | Jan 19, 2016

As you may have heard, Prevoty and WhiteHat Security have combined forces to offer up a first-in-kind application security testing and automatic runtime protection capability. Recently, we had the opportunity to ask the founders directly: why create a joint offering? How does this shape the way we secure our applications?

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Topics: Company News, Application Security, RASP, Partnerships & Integrations, SAST, DAST

Building bridges in a fractured security ecosystem

Audrey Sunu | Dec 7, 2015

CSO Online contributing writer Kacy Zurkus recently interviewed Prevoty CEO Julien Bellanger for a news piece on contemporary approaches to securing legacy applications. Kacy's analysis uncovered an attack environment that is changing rapidly. The full article, which is cited below, originally appeared here

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Topics: Application Security, Legacy Apps, Industry commentary, DevOps

AppSec in the News: November Roundup

Audrey Sunu | Dec 3, 2015

The security industry is constantly morphing to address new threats and needs, which is why we find it so important to stay up to date. Below is an industry news roundup from November.

Five reasons why hackers easily get in, CSO

Vulnerable web applications have become the weakest link in major breaches. Yet, most organizations have still not implemented any type of application security to protect them.

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Topics: Application Security, Industry commentary

Where does security fit in bi-modal IT departments?

Audrey Sunu | Sep 22, 2015

CSO Online discusses the issue that “Security is moving at a pace that’s outpacing even agile at this point based on the cyber threats that are quickly emerging.” So our question is, can IT departments serve as both builders and protectors?

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Topics: Industry commentary

Application security needs to be shored up now

Audrey Sunu | Sep 14, 2015

CSO Online discusses the uprising of application security and its newfound importance in the past few years due to the large number of data breaches.

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Topics: Application Security, Industry commentary

The modern application environment is complex & unwieldy. How do Visa, Hulu, and MSU secure it?

Audrey Sunu | Sep 8, 2015

Is the security of the modern application environment finally getting more of the attention it deserves? 

2015 marks a shift in the way enterprises interpret the risks associated with their applications. Not only have we learned that the highest number of confirmed data breaches over the past decade has been attacks on web applications1, but the average enterprise's portfolio of applications is growing -- and fast. New application security methodologies also emerge, including Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). People often wonder: What is RASP? Is it equipped to handle the next generation of threats? Will it live up to its expectations? 

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Topics: Application Security, RASP, Industry commentary

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